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  • Date: 2017-07-12

Environmental prevalence of industry led to the injection molding industry in the future, the environmental protection industry has long been a global concern, the Earth of the future needs to be protected, homeland of human life should not be destroyed, the environmental protection industry to flourish in strong support of the Government.

Shortly before an invention abroad attracted the attention of many people, it is the plastic bulb, is so very strange how plastic can make a light bulb, lamp development, we thought about energy saving as much as possible, always retained a fragile shell of glass, did not think of replacing with new material. But recently United States Professor of physics at Wake Forest University in North Carolina claimed to have developed a new type of light emitting polymer layers based on doped with nano materials of light.

According to the Professor, he developed the plastic bulb is using this new technology field of polymer electroluminescence, is said to have developed this technology plastic bulbs, lighting it is lighter than ordinary light bulbs and lighting for longer. These light bulbs are better than compact fluorescent lamps, and can be made into different shapes, the new bulb than fluorescent bulbs twice, and the colors of the spectrum and match the colour of the Sun.


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